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A Gateway for simpler, cheaper and faster engineering services in field of water / waste water Treatment plant

If you intend to outsource a part of your project , related to water and waste water treatment , then you can account on ours , PANDAB TADBIR Engineering company are ready being a part of your project team

Every project required a host of decisions ranging from process design to equipment selection to the execution method. Although it’s certainly possible to execute a project solely with in-house resources, but it will be cost effective for many large projects to outsource a part of their responsibility, these will end to meet schedule, access to special technical competencies and also reach to client requirement sooner

PANDAB TADBIR has been involved in few projects in Iran and aboard and has direct knowledge for running a project where it outsources

In case of making decision to do any type of feasibility study , basic design Engineering and preparing documentation for purchase order in field of water and wastewater treatment plants and Environmental study, a fast-track schedule forced to consider outsourcing part of the involved project work

PANDAB TADBIR ENG.CO (PT) is one of the fastest-growing, for full-service water treatment companies in the Iran. With its exclusive know how for water treatment plant and direct experienced consultants and a commitment to time schedule and project requirement

PT engineers solutions for clients that ensure environmental compliance and save money. The company has four distinct business units

PT Engineering Section. Providing complete engineering services for processes of water and waste water treatment and Environmental Study

PT Biotechnology Section, enabling companies and organizations to re-engineering waste water treatment by application of biotechnology and related method to reduce capital investment cost; offering remediation of flow back waters and water reuse

PT Procurement section. Consulting for procurement service economically and suitable condition, and its end to have a win purchase as per project requirement

PT Training course, this section is going to upgrade the knowledge of expert in water /waste water treatment plant and well come to all international instructor and teachers to be a part of our training department

In case of required any information, contact us via info@pandabonline.com or pandab_pat@yahoo.com

Or feel free to contact us via phone: 98 21 88531508 /98 21 9352172983

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