procurement services

These unique services which will be presented for the following sections


Conventional Treatment (Clarifies, Flocculation.

 Filters (Micro-filtration, Gravity filters, Pressure Sand filters, Active Carbon Filters).

 De ionization (De mineralization – Polisher – Softening).

 Reverse Osmosis Packages.

 Desalination Packages.

 Primary treating and Biological Treating System (Extended Aeration, Conventional Activated Sludge, Aerated Lagoon.

 Oil Separation (API, CPI, D.A.F.

 Sludge Treating (Aerobic, Anaerobic sludge Digestion, Thickener, Filter Press, Belt Filter, Centrifugal, Incinerators.

 Dis infections (UV Sterilizers.

 Chemical dosage and Injection Equipment.

 Ozone applies for water and waste water treatment or Disinfection.

 Water Analyzers.