Pandab Tadbir Engineering Company

Specializing in the water –waste water and Environmental Engineering and procurement services.

This company was founded by a team of professional water and Environmental Engineers.

This company established its base fundamental in engineering services in year 2001 and launched its activity to procurement services in year 2005.

This company has an internal quality procedure in preparing Engineering documentary as well as its procurement services ,hoping to obtain ISO 9001-2000 in near future.

Due to our strong background in field of water and Environmental technology which return to year 1995, we can provide excellent customer services in Environmental Engineering fields specially; water and waste water treatment, offering total expertise in this field and a comprehensive range of services.

This company can provide the same level of expertise and project quality to all of its customers regardless of their location.

PANDAB TADBIR WATER SECTION provides a wide range of services including:

Feasibility Study and plant survey.

Basic –Detail Engineering Design.

ITB package.

Technical – Commercial Consulting /Evaluation.

Procurement services.

Commercial support from Proforma obtains until deliver goods to Customers.

PANDAB TADBIR WATER SECTION has established a strong procurement service center, which is capable to provide commercial services in a wide range. This procurement service center has linkages to the top manufacturers, and is capable to supply the required goods with competitive prices, on time and at convenient location.

This center can provide a wide range of products, related to water and Environmental Engineering or in other words, whatever may be needed for implementation of any water or waste water treating system project.

PANDAB TADBIR WATER SECTION procurement service center is not just supplier of goods, while is needed, the scope of services can be extended to technical consultancy and supervision also.